First RLL Network Workshop

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The INTENSSS-PA Consortium was gathered for the Fourth Project meeting and the first RLL Network Worshop  in the Dutch City of Groningen on 23-24 October 2017. 

23. October 2017

Morning session

The workshop’s morning session focused on the presentation of the co-planning work within the Regional Living Labs (RLLs) and the discussion of the difficulties, success and failure factors considered so far. The workshop further involved invited participants from other initiatives and projects that are also based on participatory decision making approaches and 4P models to achieve their objectives.

Afternoon Session

The objective of the afternoon session was to learn from experience and expert knowledge on prioritised issues for the majority of the RLLs, and in relation to the chosen planning focus within the seven RLLs.

The presentation included:

  • The importance of innovation for providing heat, Ferry Van Kann (RUG)  Presentation
  • Regional Living Labs, Francesco Molinari
  • Forests management: biomass as sustainable energy resourceJesús Ángel Díez, Fundación de Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León  Presentation
  • Lessons learned from the Groningen Geothermal ProjectsTheo Venema, Waterbedrijf Groningen (Water-company Groningen)  Presentation

24th October 2017

Training Session

The objective of this session was to provide introductory training on major aspects related to integrated sustainable energy planning, and in relation to needs within the INTENSSS-PA project. The session provided a basis for further discussion and identification of specific training needs during the remaining period of the co-planning process.

  • Presentation and Discussion on Major Environmental Issues to be Considered and Addressed while performing Integrated Sustainable Energy Planning (BEF)  Presentation
  • Presentation and Discussion on alternative forms of Financing Energy Local Initiatives, Success and Failure Factors, Good Practices in Europe and Overseas (GT)  Presentation
  • Presentation and Discussion on energy management, simulation and smart energy solutions for buildings and districts (Florian Judex, AIT)  Presentation
  • Presentation and Discussion on Projects & Initiatives on Participatory Decision Making and Multilevel Governance, key success factors, difficulties and lessons learned (ECNet) Presentation
  • Presentation and Discussion on alternative RES technologies, their degree of development, social acceptability and related local initiatives, priorities and considerations (LEAP)
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