Testing of driverless buses and electric cars in the Latvian Zemgale region

Posted on February 15, 2018

The regional living lab (RLL) in Zemgale, Latvia, is working on solutions for green transportation. The INTENSSS PA approach has been adopted and stakeholders across different fields are collaborating opening  for new perspectives and alternative projects.

Carrying out the regional development planning is the main function of the Zemgale Planning Region. Building on their experience in urban-rural interaction in planning and energy development, Zemgale Regional living lab (RLL) aims to focus on planning the use of renewable energy sources for sustainable green transport. This will be an integral part of the Zemgale Regional Energy Action Plan (2012 – 2020)

The newest initiative is planning of driverless buses in the city environment, including  implementation of two pilot project where Zemgale Region together with various institutions will test the possibilities to use this type of transportation for so-called “last mile” transportation – e.g. to reach city center from a train station or connect different objects in the cities.

As part of the co-planning process the RLL Zemgale has also presented electric cars to provide citizens and other stakeholders with knowledge and experience about the every-day use of such cars. Car types like the VW e-Up! and the e-Golf has been presented and next the RLL is planning for a presentation of the Tesla Model S.

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