Regional energy planning in Pomurje

Posted on May 20, 2018
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The ambition for the Regional Living Lab in Pomurje is to develop a sustainable energy plan which should become the inspirational direction for a wide range of regional partners to join forces and create the desired institutional capacity 

A central challenge for the Pomurje region is the lack of a regional governmental layer in Slovenia. While the country itself is of a modest size (2 million inhabitants), it has a clearly fragmented institutional structure. The size of many municipalities in Pomurje region is below 2.000, with only a few municipalities reaching 20.000 inhabitants or more. Hence, most municipalities have limited resources to cope with bigger regional challenges.

The shift towards a more sustainable energy system in Slovenia cannot simply be assumed to rely on national governmental interventions. The relevance of physical conditions, such as the availability of rivers, biomass and agriculture in Pomurje, will not only condition opportunities for developing sustainable energy systems. Also, the relevance of local conditions on implementation is crucial to take into account. In the face of limited institutional capacity on a municipal level, it is crucial to develop institutional capacity on a regional level.

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