Energy Transition Plans on district level in Groningen

Posted on May 28, 2018
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A core issue for the INTENSSS-PA Regional Living Lab in Groningen is transforming the energy supply to all buildings in the municipality from natural gas heating to sustainable heating 

The Municipality of Groningen aims to be energy neutral and natural-gas free by 2035. One of the major challenges in reaching this goal is transforming all buildings in the municipality from a natural gas heating system towards a sustainable heating system. This challenge is major, because of the variety in typology of buildings, different modes of ownership and different characteristics of buildings.

If the built environment has to be energy-neutral in 20 years, that has huge consequences for the houses, schools, offices, hospitals and shops in the municipality. 2035 still seems far away. However, a great effort and large investments are required to build the environment to become energy-neutral.

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