5th Karditsa’s Regional Living Lab meeting in the framework of INTENSSS-PA project

Posted on October 9, 2017
Energy Planning Workshop Karditsa Nov 2017

On Friday, 06/10/2017, the 5th meeting of the Regional Living Lab of Karditsa was organized in the framework of the INTENSSS-PA project.

The meeting presented and discusses the energy balance of the Karditsa Region, including potential future scenarios for changing the balance towards exploiting renewable energy sources.  Karditsa has a high potential for utilization of biomass due to its rich natural resources and activities of the primary production sector.

In this context, the participants stressed the importance of implemeting pilot proejcts and educating local stakeholders. Further there is a need for continously  updating data on  energy prioduction and consumption enabling an improved monitoring of the region’s energy balance and thereby make local energy planning more efficient.

In near future, the scenarios for the development of the region’s energy balance and the energy ambitions of the local actors stakholders will be specified further in order to formulate the energy vision of the Region.

Energy Planning Workshop Karditsa Nov 2017

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