Posted on July 14, 2017
Syros Changing Cities

Spatial, Design, Landscape & Socio-economic Dimensions

26-30 June 2017, Syros – Delos – Mykonos Islands, Greece.

A specialized session on the Integrated Sustainable Energy – Spatial Planning was organized by the Hellenic Association of Urban and Regional Planners and INTENSSS-PA project within the works of the 3rd International Conference on Changing Cities that was organized in Syros Island in Greece on 26th to 30th June 2017. The conference was organized by The Laboratory of Urban Morphology & Design Department of Planning & Regional Development School of Engineering, University of Thessaly Volos, Greece, under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and in collaboration with The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering University of the Aegean Syros, Greece. The session aspired to bring together urban and spatial planners, architects, urban economists and sociologists, along with energy and renewable energy technologies in particular and investigate all together the capacities provided for urban and regional development through the integration of the energy theme into spatial planning and the physical and socio-economic landscapes. The session included in total the presentation of seven scientific articles addressing all major aspects of the subject matter. Notably

  • The identification of drivers and enablers of holistic energy planning in local communities,
  • The identification of the characteristics of a decision-making/planning environment that supports not only holistic energy planning but holistic spatial planning,
  • The way that integration of the energy theme in spatial planning favors regional development, as well as the extent that holistic energy planning supports the implementation of energy projects,
  • Institutional and governance aspects in relation to interdisciplinary, participatory energy, spatial & regional planning.
  • Urban metabolism and sustainability.
  • Resilient energy landscapes and area-based innovations.

INTENSSS-PA paper can be found in this Link


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