Calabria – Italy

Monterosso Calabro, a small town at the foot of the Sila in Calabria

Energy and spatial planning in Italy

Italy is in a process of renewal of its main legislation. Specifically, a proposal for a new law about land uses and promotion of urban regeneration is under discussion in the Parliament. It contains target to land use consumption, also with the scope of reducing energy consumption and incentives for urban regeneration. Different stakeholder groups are participating at the debate for the final formulation of this law.

A prior initiative, to this legislative change, of the Ministry for the Environment, Land & Sea in order to lead regions and municipalities to sustainable development, has spread out the guidelines for SEAP implementation along with information on success stories and expected benefits. As part of the SEE Campaign in Italy almost 1.236 cities have signed the CoM.

The Ministry in its campaign is stressing that in order Italian regions to achieve “20-20-20” European energy targets, it’s fundamental to improve the local governance of municipalities, provinces and regions on energy issues, in particular: (i) improve communication of energy policies at municipal/provincial/regional levels (ii) overcome the barriers that prevent municipal/provinces/regions take up of efficient energy planning, (iii) find financial resources at a reasonable cost to make the necessary investments and (iv) promote cooperation among EU municipalities, provinces and regions on energy: this will lead to mutual learning and a better knowledge of EU general energy features, data, needs.

The Region of Calabria in particular, phases an urgent need for regional balanced development and support of the economic growth. The identification of energy investments through sustainable planning, as well as spatial structures development  and regeneration with lower energy requirements considers a priority for the region for the creation of economic development, new jobs and environmental protection.

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