Presentation of the Dutch INTENSSS-PA RLL at “Smart to Future Cities”

Posted on April 24, 2018
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Our Dutch Regional Living Lab represented by the Municipality of Groningen will take part in the 7th edition of Smart to Future Cities

The event, which will take place in London on 25-26 April 2018, is marketed as the only Europe centric Smart Cities event to really focus on practical, scaleable applications of smart city initiatives to improve infrastructure and quality of life. For seven years, city leaders from across Europe have attended the Smart to Future Cities Summit to deliver practical, applicable, citizen centric content.

The City of Groningen will make the following presentation on 25th April 2018:

Planning and Implementing a Neutral Energy Strategy, Positive Energy Districts and Micro Grids

  • Evaluating plans to become energy neutral by 2035
  • Discussing tools required for ‘energy zoning planning’ where inhabitants and stakeholders develop together
  • Illustrating variants of a micro grid facility, including peer to peer
  • Considerations for project replication, scale-up and timeline / cost reduction

Floor de Jong – Manager of International and European AffairsCity of Groningen 

See the full programme here

shutterstock_437098156-1200x565 Smart Future Cities



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