Energy planning in the Triangle Region

Planning focus in the RLL Triangle

The co-planning process within the RLL Triangle Energy Alliance aims at meeting the long term vision of 100 % RES in 2050 through coordinating local sustainable holistic energy plans at the sub-regional level (INTENSSS-PA RLL). This includes cross municipal projects, sharing resources and learning from each other in an effort to deliver concrete results. In this context the INTENSSS-PA initiative has particularly focused on coordination of the heat planning.

The “TVIS Road Map 2016” (strategic heat plan for the RLL region) is the backbone in the regional energy strategy and is during the INTENSSS-PA action the political top priority in relation to the regional process.

TVIS is a regional heat transmission company owned by four of the municipalities within the RLL (Middelfart, Fredericia, Kolding, Vejle). TVIS will from 2018 be supplied with green district heating from the Skaerbaek CHP Plant –  see article below.

The main planning focus within the INTENSSS-PA action has been on regional perspectives and as such collaboration in relation to extending the TVIS supply area, e.g. extending the supply area within existing district heating companies connected to the TVIS system and connecting new DH companies to the system. TVIS and the RLL municipalities have all together made the district heating very competitive compared with other types of heating and one of the goals is now to offer more consumers to benefit from this.

For DH plants that are not feasible to connect to the system, each municipality will need to identify other solutions based on RES supply within their local planning processes.

Energy planning in the Regional Living Labs

The INTENSS-PA action has developed a network of seven Regional Living Labs (RLL), one in each of  the seven Regional areas participating in the project.

The RLLs are focused on improving and designing a shared and integrated sustainable energy planning concept and on applying it in order to develop seven sustainable energy plans, i.e. one for each Region. The overall approach involves learning sessions and experiential projects alongside intense networking.

Each RLL has worked on  a particular planning focus identifying their ambitions in relation to a long-term process of integrated  sustainable energy planning.

RLL Triangle at the opening of a new green CHP plant

On 4. February 2018, the Danish Regional Living Lab (RLL) ”Energialliancen Trekanten” had a perfect day doing a national event about Holistic sustainable energy planning and real life activities.

The RLL was strategically well placed at the opening of the “Skærbækværket”, a new green co2 neutral powerplant.. The plant was recently converted to biomass, which will ensure a 95% CO2 neutral district heating supply to the four municipalities included in the RLL (Middelfart, Kolding, Fredericia, Vejle).

During the day the RLL Triangle had structured discussions about energy and energy planning with many of the 2700 interested people that attended the event. Quizzes and a smart Grid map was used to structure and facilitate the discussions.

In general, knowledge is very diverse. Some participants were already in full understanding about necessity for Smart Grid planning, the need for fast sustainable transition, while others had a minor insight in the world of energy. However, the interest is not as much in energy as it is in sustainable energy planning. Therefore the “climate issue” is what actually is triggering peoples attention.

Many people enjoyed the rebuilt container, that hosted coffee-shop discussions.

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