Energy planning in Calabria

Energy planning in the Calabria Region

Calabria Region has a strong history in the generation of renewable energy, with already up to 40% of renewable energy generation. As this is much higher than the targets for 2020 (21.5%), the region is mainly interested in energy efficiency and the development of a more integrated vision for energy planning 

Reggio Calabria established a very extensive RLL with over 80 stakeholders. It is partly formed by many already existing networks. The new round of EU Structural Funds Programs implemented in the Calabria Region promotes financial interventions in different areas, which mostly concern the topics covered in the RLL of Calabria Region. For this reason, the RLL of Calabria region has involved the whole institutional Partnership, which has already collaborated for the participation process of the 2014-2020 programming period. The aim is that, for the definition of the planning framework, the RLL can work in parallel with the current programming.

Currently, the region recognizes a high degree of fragmentation in plans and policies that have relevance for the energy system. For combatting this fragmentation, the RLL has been developed aiming for improved integrated efforts within four distinct ‘thematic areas’ .

Each theme has involved the key stakeholders of the energy sector and the stakeholders interested in the thematic area. The key ambition for Calabria has thus been to develop a more coherent agenda through the creation of a Sustainable Integrated Energy Plan, which focuses in particular on the integration of the energy theme with each of the four themes as identified:

  • Agriculture, rural areas and sustainable tourism-Environment: Natura2000 network, parks and biodiversity;
  • Energy efficiency in public buildings, green and smart building;
  • Integrated Water management;
  • Integrated Waste management (zero waste).

Energy planning in the Regional Living Labs

The INTENSS-PA action has developed a network of seven Regional Living Labs (RLL), one in each of  the seven Regional areas participating in the project.

The RLLs are focused on improving and designing a shared and integrated sustainable energy planning concept and on applying it in order to develop seven sustainable energy plans, i.e. one for each Region. The overall approach involves learning sessions and experiential projects alongside intense networking.

Each RLL has worked on  a particular planning focus identifying their ambitions in relation to a long-term process of integrated  sustainable energy planning.

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