Pomurje – Slovenia

A Regional Living Lab will be established for the Pomurje Regions, and managed by SOS, the Association of Municipalities and Towns in Slovenia

Pomurje is lying between the Mur River in Slovenia and the Râba Valley.  It maintains certain specific linguistic, cultural and religious features that differentiate it from other Slovenian traditional regions.

Energy and Spatial planning in Slovenia

Since 2012 with the enforcement of the Act on Government of the Republic of Slovenia, spatial planning, environment and energy were held under the umbrella of the Minister of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy. During this period Spatial Development Strategy of Slovenia was adopted, which implemented the concept of sustainable spatial development. Together with the Strategy for Economic Development of Slovenia, it represented the umbrella document for guiding development and formed the basis for the harmonization of sectoral policies. However, in the following years the sector of Energy was transferred to the Ministry for Economy, the sector for environment under the Ministry for agriculture and environment and the sector for Spatial planning under the Ministry for infrastructure and space.  This led to inconsistency in implementation of the strategy and the creation of new development strategies. Although different public actors and other stakeholders can be involved in the development of policies, there is no obligation for policy makers to take into account their proposals and suggestions, or provide any feedback. Neither is this an obligation in the case in matters of representative associations of municipalities.

The Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS) with growing recognition and exertion of different legal possibilities has managed to gain a relevant role in the planning process.

Panoramic view on hydroelectric power plant on So?a river in Slovenia
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