The major results of INTENSSS-PA include:

A Database of Practise with case studies and training materials organized in a structured and systematic way.

A network of seven Regional Living Labs (RLL) providing a real life environment for the co-creation of the integrated energy planning concept.

Development and implementation of a systematic process of building Institutional and Human Capital involving diverse public authorities and societal stakeholders/experts (business and civil society) through the provision of experiential learning.

Design of an integrated sustainable energy planning concept along with suggestions on its institutional integration to different decision making structures and cultural settings. This concept will allow the integration of energy theme into spatial planning considering both physical and socioeconomic landscapes.

Development/enhancement/redefinition of the actual integrated sustainable energy planning under real-life conditions within the works of each INTENSSS-PA RLL.

Organization and implementation of a wide communication campaign and national replication & evaluation roadshows. Each national road-show will involve at least two events to regions outside the consortium. An EU level event is also envisaged.

Communication to policy makers and evaluation through interviews the capacity of the developed planning concept to be incorporated to policies and the legislative frameworks of the Member States.

Consolidation of lessons learned and outcomes of the overall INTENSSS-PA approach in order to identify: (i) shortcomings and missing elements, and (ii) a Roadmap for the development of a coherent and well-structured decision making approach for integrated sustainable energy planning ready to be integrated to policies and institutional frameworks.

INTENSSS-PA Booklet - A Result Report

This report presents the project’s outcomes and results in a coherent way.Read More »

Regional Living Labs

The Living Lab concept is the framework chosen by INTENSSS-PA to guide the development of the Energy Plans within each region.Read More »


Download reports describing the project results from each Regional Living LabRead More »

INTENSSS-PA Database of Practise

The Database of Practice provides in a structured way existing related knowledge identified within INTENSSS-PARead More »

Project Library

The INTENSSS-PA library includes proceedings, journal papers, reports, articles, infographichs, training material  etc. produced within the projectRead More »
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